Providing high quality talent for your teams

Acquiring the right talent at the right time is highly imperative and a lack of it will adversely affect the organizational performance, productivity and profit. Pegasus InfoCorp‘s Team Stafing services specialize in enabling businesses to get access to next-gen talent with no hassle or overheads.

We have catered to the growing talent demands of more than 1500+ global brands including startups and enterprises. With a talent pool of 600+ engineers spread across more than 100+ diverse technical skills, our developers are certified, carry a product DNA and help get 3x throughput.

Pegasus InfoCorp can provide highly productive self-managed dedicated teams of certified software development experts, QA engineers and project managers focused on your business goals. With a 95% retention rate, we are eager to become a long-term strategic partner for all of our customers

Why hire dedicated development teams?

Pegasus InfoCorp helps businesses to build robust applications within a short time period. Staffing services at Pegasus InfoCorp allow for scaling teams up or down at any time.

Boosts the recruitment cycle

Hiring is a tedious and lengthy process, especially when you’re searching for specific and extraordinary expertise. Pegasus InfoCorp’s staffing service provides access to an extensive and experienced pool of tech talent, saving you the hassle of conducting recruitment, background checks, hiring and payroll processes.

Lower development cost

The biggest benefit of building remote teams is that you no longer have to bear the expenses of hiring in-house employees, development costs and all the assorted expenses that go with it including taxes, equipment costs, or employee benefits.

Less legal hassles

Avoid the headache of mounds of paperwork and legal responsibilities including payroll, taxes, benefits, etc. When you leverage our staffing services, we manage and are responsible for all legal responsibilities and paperwork for all the resources you enlist.

Overcoming geological limitations

Many companies find it difficult to source the correct resource in a specific locale. Our extensive reach and breadth of resources enable you to source the required specialist across nations and geographies with the necessary expertise and experience you require.

High flexibility

Staffing services play a massive role in providing flexibility. Our models enable you to scale up and scale down based on your requirements, ensuring sudden or unexpected workloads can be properly addressed and matched with the necessary resources

Sustained Authority

When businesses leverage our staffing services, they retain complete management control and shape the project to their desired intention. This ensures that you maintain control of the project at all times and have the authority to make the final call regarding all project decisions.

Expansion and adaptation

Companies can expand without incurring the risk of failure by scaling their business on a trial basis without making investments in a full-fledged workforce. Additionally, it also enables companies to adapt and evolve to meet inconsistent and unpredictable market conditions.

Leverage new concepts

Stagnation of opinions and lack of creativity can be detrimental to your business, development and revenue growth. To sustain success, businesses can leverage our staffing services to engage with a diverse set of experts, bringing in new ideas and concepts to boost business operations.

Insights and knowledge

With 20+ years in the global IT market, Pegasus InfoCorp has gained industry-specific and technology-specific experience. Hiring dedicated teams with software development expertise at Pegasus InfoCorp will help you to reduce the time spent on the introduction to the domain, enabling software engineers to start working on the project without delays.

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