Pegasus InfoCorp is a leading global information technology services company, offering a wide array of services and solutions customized for a range of enterprise clients globally running some of the largest and most complex applications worldwide!

As a diverse end-to-end technology solutions provider, Pegasus InfoCorp offers a range of software solutions aimed at helping customers build their enterprise applications and re-engineer their businesses to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace.

To achieve our vision of being one of the premier technology services companies worldwide, we are always looking out for talented, learnable individuals who are ambitious, who love challenges and who have a passion to excel!

Pegasus Infocorp has a unique corporate culture that fosters multi-faceted growth of its people. Attraction, retention and growth of Human Resources, the most valuable asset of the organization, has always remained one of the highest priorities of senior management at Pegasus InfoCorp. This has now become an inherent part of the Pegasus InfoCorp human resources culture. Nurturing a culture of having our people believe in their abilities, freedom of expression, focus on quality of output and providing them with opportunities to take risks and face challenges has put us on this pedestal where we stand today - strong and proud - as a company.

The spirit of learnability among our people and an organizational commitment to continuous personal and professional development keeps Pegasus InfoCorp at the forefront in a fast-changing industry. Our framework for continuous learning at Pegasus InfoCorp is built around a number of focused programs for our employees. These range from major initiatives such as training people across roles to various ongoing management development and personal improvement programs. They complement a host of ongoing training options.

Our core values are expressed in the way teams are built and the manner in which they operate and achieve results. These values have been identified based on internal strengths of the organization. They are the guiding parameters for all organization-wide initiatives.

In all our associates, we look for the following core skills and values during the hiring process.

  • Technology / domain expertise
  • Integrity
  • Pursuit of excellence
  • Teamwork
  • Ability to learn quickly
  • Initiative
  • Goal oriented nature
  • Responsibility

Our resource base of qualified and experienced developers brings the advantage of strong process and technology expertise, apart from savings in time and money. Pegasus InfoCorp also applies its process approach to free up the customer's intellectual property (i.e., people) for better tasks. This not only adds value to the customer but also helps retain the volatile human resource with the incentive of working on better technologies and bringing them up to speed with new technologies affecting the customer's industry.

In summary, when you decide to further your career at Pegasus InfoCorp, you would be able to:

  • Work on large complex projects
  • Individually be responsible for delivery of complex tasks/ projects
  • Work for Fortune 100 customers globally
  • Have exposure to mature quality practices and processes
  • Work on best-of-breed and cutting edge technologies
  • Take up challenging, end-to-end projects
  • Benefit from mentoring by experienced seniors
  • Keep your skills upgraded by continuous learning
  • Grow as fast as you excel
  • Experience a highly empowered, entrepreneurial work life
  • Work in a competitive, free and healthy environment

Our robust people management practices enable us to create this environment for you. This is what distinguishes us among other technology services companies, enabling us to excel and innovate in what we do for our clients and in what we stand for as a company

We welcome you to know more about our work culture and explore exciting career opportunities at Pegasus InfoCorp!

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