All applications have a lifecycle. This can be easy to overlook or forget in the middle of all the excitement when starting to work on a new product or service – but you’ll get the best value out of your project only if you consider the entire lifecycle from the start.

At Pegasus InfoCorp, we understand the importance of this and incorporate a holistic lifecycle management approach from the beginning. Our Onsite team provides high-quality continuous services to our clients, far above and beyond traditional reactive software maintenance. We constantly monitor, update and improve applications and systems to ensure the best possible level of service and value creation.

The Pegasus InfoCorp approach to continuous services


Our Onsite team consists of experienced software developers, maintenance experts and cloud engineers. This team-based service ensures exceptional availability and response times and it guarantees that the maintenance of a service is never the responsibility of a single person.

Through Onsite team, our clients also have access to Pegasus InfoCorp’s entire staff, ranging from UX/UI designers and data analysts to service designers and business consultants. By combining the skills of Onsite team maintenance experts with Pegasus InfoCorp’s other competences, we can always serve our clients in the best possible way.

Focus on client needs and value creation

Onsite team is scalable based on our clients’ needs, allowing for cost-efficient, per-service based maintenance and expert support. We offer different levels of support depending on client needs and project lifecycle, ranging from service upkeep to growth-focused development. Our main focus is providing the best possible customer experience while simultaneously helping our clients to keep growing.


Tackling technical debt

Sometimes it makes sense to create some technical debt at the beginning of development in order to get to market faster. But technical debt must always be paid so you can maintain the service seamlessly throughout its life – and so it can generate optimal value. Continuous services help balance this complex equation by increasing automation, improving data-based development and focusing on sustainable, green coding.

Going to production

Going into production is a critical moment for all services as it marks the start of their real value creation and reveals the actual requirements and limitations of the production environment. This is a crucial time to make the right choices – and the best moment to invest in future value creation.

Advantages can often be gained by building important features and empowering application maintenance with smart monitoring and analytics. A good guiding principle is to ensure that applications can be monitored at a level that enables support services to identify and flag service incidents before they potentially interrupt the service.

Impact-driven maintenance

With continuous services by Onsite team, you will benefit from the combined upsides of ITIL, Lean, Agile and DevOps. We make decisions based on data and improve services iteratively to maximize their value output. The Onsite team maintenance operations are based on co-creating solutions together with our clients – utilizing their domain know-how and service vision as well as Pegasus InfoCorp’s extensive network of experts in software, cloud and IT infrastructure maintenance.