The media industry is undergoing a rapid digital transformation. Pegasus InfoCorp helps media companies to embrace new opportunities and deliver groundbreaking digital experiences.


With digitalisation transforming the media industry, companies of all sizes must remain highly responsive while keeping a close eye on issues like data, content distribution and editorial planning. Meanwhile, ongoing developments in the digital arena and on social media create a requirement for even local outlets to be competitive on the global stage.

The digital transition in the media landscape is placing old ad-funded business models under threat, creating pressure to find suitable subscription-based solutions. With machine learning and artificial intelligence taking a front seat, there are also ethical concerns to address around transparency, privacy and user data, including GDPR.


Digital capabilities can be scaled without significant costs or delays and this will drive consolidation in the media industry. Media companies are undergoing a transformation from brand-centric models to a focus on platforms that can support multiple brands and act as hubs for connecting customers, data, content production and ad capabilities. Successful platforms will prioritise the end-to-end customer experience, from omnichannel, multimodal and personalised content consumption to seamless subscription purchases.

The importance of first-rate customer experiences in the consolidation race is also driving organisational change. Media companies that empower their teams and shift from a project focus to product thinking and an agile culture will be in a stronger position to uncover optimal solutions and cater for their customers – ultimately, the winners will be those who learn the fastest.

As the media sector continues to evolve, how can your business not only survive, but thrive? We are equipped and ready to guide you as you take the next steps on your digital transformation journey.


Our focus is on empowering you to integrate data into all your processes, from strategic planning to the lean development and maintenance of scalable, low-cost systems including content distribution platforms. We can also help you introduce new data-driven business models that enable you to keep up with the fast pace of digitalisation in the media sector.

We simplify the complex and co-create new innovations – from strategy, cultural change, brand identity and storytelling to service design and adopting cutting-edge technologies. Combined with the smart use of data, these will enable you to understand your end customers' behaviour and harness it as a driver for sales. In ecommerce, we cooperate with our digital sales consultancy Columbia Road.


Identifying the most critical development goals

Developing more sustainable operations, business models and services

Building a future-capable organisational culture that helps attract and retain the necessary talent

Building content distribution models

Renewing business processes to support digital transformation and co-creating ecosystems with other industry players

Using data to improve organisational processes and transparency

Adopting emerging technologies such as big data, VR, AI and machine learning, etc.

Engaging customers through personalised services and an improved, more accessible user experience

The reliability and user experience of the news platform have helped us at HS to better serve our readers, thus increasing our reader base. We have managed to grow in terms of subscriptions, which gives us the opportunity to provide high-quality journalism for an even larger audience.

Client testimonial

To give all our users an optimal experience, we believe we have to go personal – to leverage ML, AI and cloud technologies to deliver a personalised experience that adapts continuously to their usage. The results of this five-year journey are historic and groundbreaking and I believe we have just touched the surface of what can be done. The next five years will definitely be just as groundbreaking as we continue to push intelligence and insight into more of our core processes and value streams.

Client testimonial


Identify what your customers really need, not just what they want.

Use an agile approach to organise a multidisciplinary team with the right competencies.

Listen, iterate, develop, repeat.

Define what needs to be done to get there.

Combine data and the latest technologies to create the ultimate customer experience, increase operational efficiency and more.

Learn how you currently approach customers and your core initiatives.

Develop goals and define what needs to be done to reach them.

Instigate a human-centred project management approach.

Develop ecosystems for connection and systemic change across the sector.