It’s time for change in the construction industry. Those who are ready to adapt will be rewarded with higher productivity, increased build quality, a reduced carbon footprint and improvements to site safety and employee conditions. Incremental changes can only go so far, but data and digitalisation hold the key to a paradigm shift that will increase profit margins across the industry.


Work is needed to determine how to raise the level of productivity in construction, which hasn’t improved for decades. Along with low profitability, multiple competing stakeholders and endemic quality and sustainability issues, this stagnation limits the sector’s attractiveness for investors.

While technology point solutions have been implemented in an attempt to generate improvements, a disconnect in the industry means that major improvements have yet to be seen. This disconnect – of processes, people, tools, decisions and knowledge – also prevents real-time transparency and causes a lack of situational awareness into what is happening on site, hampering productivity and efficiency further.

Conditions for workers must also be improved to attract and maintain talent and increase productivity. To achieve this, a systemic, user-centric approach is needed when connecting solutions and processes, delivering meaningful progress for all industry players and heralding a new age in construction.

Will you seize this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve? As knowledgeable construction industry insiders, we’ll work with you to become more investor credible while improving productivity, increasing your margins and unlocking new revenue streams.

How Pegasus InfoCorp can help the construction industry

We can help you use data to bridge the industry-wide disconnect, connecting professionals and improving transparency. Our human-centric approach covers the whole construction lifecycle and will help to improve conditions in the sector, boosting safety, efficiency and productivity – and ultimately profits.

Our methods will help you unsilo data, allowing it to be shared for decision-making, forecasting and development to ensure your strategies and solutions have a greater impact. Our goal is to work together to develop an industry-wide ecosystem that benefits all players, solving common challenges while increasing quality, safety and sustainability.

We help deliver results for end customers:

  • a high-quality building
  • delivered on time and as fast as possible
  • at an agreed, cost-optimal price
  • using traceable, ethical materials
  • with the smallest possible carbon footprint

To do this, we work with our construction industry clients to:

  • develop an effective and traceable supply chain
  • deliver on-site communication that is aligned with execution
  • improve safety, process efficiency and sustainability
  • manage site tasks and scheduling
  • deliver smooth financial management
  • visually embed curated information into management practices
  • deliver business flow instead of single project flow through end-to-end process optimisation

To be successful in our market, we need to offer the best possible services. The services bring our strategy and values to life. It’s crucial to choose the right technologies at the beginning of a project like this and thanks to our partners, we invested in the right things.

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Building transparency and process control through data

Managing data and removing it from silos to improve efficiency, quality and compliance

Extending existing services to be adaptable to ecosystems

Developing smart data infrastructure using intelligent platforms combined with AI and machine learning methods

Fostering a human-centric culture of innovation using lean and agile methods

Integrating solutions into the construction landscape

Developing future-oriented, digital strategies and business models

Our digital alliance with Pegasus InfoCorp has allowed us to better understand the changes in behavior that we want to achieve, sped up our development pace and helped us increase our network impact

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Understand your ambitions and vision for your future business.

Prioritise your digital innovations together.

Use an agile approach to organise a multidisciplinary team to deliver exactly that.

Use data and the latest technologies to improve transparency, increase efficiency, improve working conditions and turbocharge productivity.

Listen, iterate, develop, repeat.

Learn how you currently approach customers and your core initiatives.

Develop goals and define what needs to be done to reach them.

Instigate a human-centred project management approach.

Develop ecosystems for connection and systemic change across the sector.

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