Our client is a Fortune 500 conglomerate with decentralized global IT operations. Prior to Pegasus InfoCorp, software testing within the client organization was managed primarily at the project level, with no formal process, methodology, tools, metrics collection or reporting. All testing was performed on site at significant cost.

Working with the client, Pegasus InfoCorp was able to reduce post-production defects through structured requirements analysis and full traceability to test cases. In addition, regressions test cycle times were reduced by automating test cases by using Selenium.


The client wanted to reduce operating costs while increasing efficiency and consistency within the IT and quality assurance organizations. Executive management mandated continuous process improvement, but the environment lacked consistent processes or tools to manage.


Pegasus InfoCorp established an offshore Managed Test Center (MTC) to operate and deliver software testing services. The organization was structured around Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Pegasus InfoCorp built a dedicated 34 - person MTC to operate within the enterprise and project-level SLAs. We began with assembling a team of 7 senior QA engineers experts - from manual and automation testing backgrounds. This team, led by a delivery manager (DM), moved onsite / offsite as required for client meetings and requirement analysis. The team was gradually expanded to add 27 additional offshore-only QA engineers.

We started with a pilot project to validate and tune the proposed process model. This also built experience with the tools within the organization provided the opportunity to refine metrics and created Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in domain. This was later expanded to include each active project at the client side to ensure they benefit from the MTC. Overall automation across various application groups is now more than half, resulting in reduction of regression test cycle times by half in many projects.

Pegasus InfoCorp also used its process improvement knowledge to enable comprehensive metrics collection and reporting. This enhanced the visibility and image for IT and its testing services.


Pegasus InfoCorp developed well-defined software testing processes for the client, including process road maps, estimation models, automation standards and other necessary features. Our 24x7 testing model led to reduction in test cycle time. There was quick ramp up of resources to address the client’s quick set up needs. The set-up was perfectly synchronized on-site / offshore. Complementary on-site / offshore time zones made it easy to improve the time-to-market situation.

We were a “One-stop shop” for providing dedicated resources for various MTC technology needs. We ensured continuous process improvements. Direct cost savings of nearly 40% for software testing activities. There was immediate savings in software testing costs by reduction of cost of quality. There was a drastic improvement in delivery of business requirements.

Pegasus InfoCorp is honored to be able to associate with this esteemed clientele and looks forward to many such endeavors.

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