The client, headquartered in the US and operating from Africa, was in discussions with Pegasus InfoCorp for several months for developing a software application across desktop, iPhone, iPad and Android platforms, with the purpose of improving the judicial processes and justice delivery in Africa. The mobile software was to help legal practitioners search for authorities on any subject and receive results in seconds. Also for helping in the management of clients, cases, court proceedings, endorsements, non-litigation matters, cause lists, task lists, documents etc. The client was developing this application for a legal associate in Africa and selected Pegasus InfoCorp as their software application development partner,after several rounds of discussions.


The client initially opted for a basic team of a project manager, mobile developer and a designer, to work on the agile development methodology as the software planned, would evolve continuously. The project team and resources have grown considerably in the last three years,as the client has seen the consistently strong results delivered by the team over the years. The project team now consists of an iOS developer, an Android developer,a Flex developer, a designer and a project manager, all working full time on the legal software development for the different platforms.

Over time we have developed several high end features for the legal mobile solution, besides the initial basic features that were required. Some of the latest and interesting features we have worked on for a recent release are -a digital court recording system with the ability to save digital voice recordings of court proceedings and meetings, handwritten notes module to quickly note down court proceedings, rich text typed notes for document creation and management, ability to send out court proceedings as voice notes, or handwritten notes as email attachments etc. All these are seamlessly integrated into the application for the different platforms through the collaboration of the team - the android,iOS and the flex resources.

For the mobile versions, the legal software solution also contains a powerful search engine and shelves for in app purchases of case reports - with personalized shelves for each matter/case folder to store researched cases, law authorities etc. The application developers have also worked on a key feature of synchronizing all data between the mobile versions of the app with the desktop version through Y-cloud. These features help legal practitioners to better synchronize and organize their data, by creating folders for each matter, along with the ability to save voice recordings of court proceedings/meetings, handwritten notes and typed notes to the folders.

The team resources work on individual tasks that are allocated to them by the Project Manager who basically manages the client's requirements, coordinates with the team for getting tasks done and communicates with the client for discussing requirements, any issues, daily task updates etc.

The team is completely focused on constantly enhancing the software through different iterations and releases across the android platform, iPhone / iPad and the flex development platforms. Some of the other features developed by the team, across the different platforms can be classified into:

  • Legal Research module that includes a basic and advanced search feature for searching through authorities, judgments, topical indices, libraries etc.
  • A Case Management section, that includes the management of cases, clients, non-litigation matters, documents, cause lists, tasks lists etc.
  • A Latest Judgments section, this section contains detailed, updates and references on the actual judgments passed and case studies from other countries/locations.
  • A Library with multiple folders for managing different documents, recordings, judgment files etc.
  • A Help module with a manual, support and administration section, for attending to customer queries etc.

The designer has been working on all the designs and creatives for the legal software application through the different software development phases, working closely with the mobile developers and flex developer for building all the graphics and integrating the design elements with the mobile and desktop applications.


Our legal software applications on different platforms have become a huge success in the legal domain in Africa, with the iOS version being Nigeria's only Apple approved electronic law reporting platform on the App Store at the moment. We currently have three versions of the application on the App Store. The client visits our development center often for meeting with the team and discussing project requirements and enhancements, constantly innovating and planning for new and interesting features for the legal domain.

The client has constantly appreciated the hard work, sincerity and dedication of the software development team at Pegasus InfoCorp and has always sent across a lot of positive feedback like "Thanks a lot for your commitment and team's dedication.", "I'm so proud of your team. Well done." and "You're simply GREAT! I'm so happy with the layouts. The 'Cause List' is magnanimous! I'm so grateful for planning to meet with your people today. Thanks a lot."

We look forward to continuing this long lasting relationship with the client!

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