Our client is one of the world’s leading technology and outsourcing services’ provider. Our client marks their presence in more than 30 countries and has an employee base of approximately 100,000.

The business challenge that they faced was to reduce duplication by standardizing training globally. To provide central location for employees to access training. Our client wanted to improve tracking and reporting capabilities to drive business results and meet regulatory requirements.


With a global workforce, our client faced challenges with standardizing and leveraging training across all of its locations. Employees had to access number of portals to take trainings. Another challenge was that the administrators could not view all the available trainings available; this made it difficult for them to discard redundant trainings if any.

The company was looking for a Learning Management System (LMS) that would provide the tools to manage training better from an administrator’s and employee’s point of view.

“There was a lot of waste and we really needed to industrialize,” said our client’s director of Employee Education & Engagement. “And for our employees, we needed to provide a more coherent, cohesive environment to get all of their training needs in one place.”


This project was delivered by 22 person team comprising of software developers, content and video editors and testers. And the team was led by an efficient project manager for leading the team. The client shared their plan of action which was religiously adhered to by our team.

A cloud based enterprise LMS was implemented and customized as per the client requirements. The company opted to roll out the system incrementally, beginning with North America and then expanding globally. In 2013, the company will capture complete training hours in the LMS across all locations.

Content ranges from code-of-ethics and technology training that helps employees with their current job to courses designed to prepare them for their next role within the company.

Our client acknowledged that the results they have achieved have been remarkable. The LMS is most used system after emails. He attributes this success to diligence in continuing to roll out the system companywide and providing employees the content they want in a central location.

“Month over month more than half of our employees come back. So it’s not that just hit it once and get the compliance training, they really see the value of taking the training,” he said.


Our client also has greatly improved its tracking and reporting capabilities with the ability to tie learning to business results.

With the reporting available, our clients have now been able to say how they've invested in their people, how has it helped their sales and how has it helped their business grow. Our clients now have the analytics to come to the table and really help shape their employees’ development.

Our solution has also provided our client the flexibility it needs to meet the regulatory reporting requirements. In some countries our client needs to demonstrate to the government what training has been done. We have provided the tools to do that and avoid any penalties.

Moving forward our clients said they want to expand on their social and mobile learning opportunities to encourage more collaboration and allow employees to access the training they need wherever they are and learn on the go. We look forward to partnering with our client in further enabling their internal learning systems!

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