A leading global technology firm needed to improve operational efficiencies in its infrastructure support center that used email as a mode of communicating with customers. Pegasus InfoCorp developed a tool that combined automation and analytics for emails to help the company streamline workflow processes, enhance productivity and reduce the mean time to detect outage and the mean time to respond.


The client is one of the world's biggest software and services companies that offer IT solutions to clients across the globe.

The company’s infrastructure support center, which manages servers globally, receives numerous complaints, support queries and other communications, every day. Support center personnel handle issues on numerous online services, many of them through emails.

There are times when multiple emails are received for a single issue, which further complicates tracking. The company needed a reliable solution to optimize its support center operations and enhance customer service, while reducing the strain on its people. Pegasus InfoCorp has had a relationship with the company for several years and was the natural choice of partner to develop a solution.


This project was especially challenging for Pegasus InfoCorp since the company had not been measuring support responsiveness. Thus, Pegasus InfoCorp developed the means to evaluate the support center's response times and other parameters. A project manager was designated to run the project seamlessly. A team of 9 software developers along with 6 software testers were on-board for this project.

When spoke to our Project Manager post the successful release of the project, she said, “We followed a simple 1-2-3 Asile process here. We estimated the product backlog, clarified requirements and planned sprints, created a collaborative workspace, tracked progress with a daily burn down chart.” When asked about best practices, she mentioned, “Review, reflect, repeat. These are core essentials for every project’s success.” The entire process was delivered on the agile development methodology.


Pegasus InfoCorp’s solution helped the technology firm achieve tangible benefits:
Quicker response time and improved control over SLA targets: The average email response time came down from 2 hours 11 minutes to just over an hour.

Improved productivity and cost efficiency: Since the tool helped to accurately identify the utilization of analysts on the team, the company was able to substantially reduce the team size in the long run. The tool has also brought down operating costs due to better visibility, which enhances planning and resource utilization.

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