The client is leading the list of fastest growing public companies in the healthcare sector in Texas. It provides quality medical interpreting services - supporting hundreds of health care sites and thousands of patients and health care professionals in the US. Currently featuring on Inc. Magazine's annual list of the top 500 fastest-growing companies in the U.S - the company has several call centers located in the US, offering a full range of services in video, telephone, document and onsite interpretation and translation.

When the company contacted Pegasus InfoCorp a few years ago the main requirement was to design and develop a video conferencing application that would be cross platform - to work on Desktops (Windows, Linux and MAC), mobile devices, tablets and laptops. After several weeks project planning, analysis and discussing client requirements, it was proposed that we start with developing the client side video conferencing application in Adobe Air/Flex, server side action script for developing the application for Adobe Media Server, as well as their communication with web services hosted on IIS Server, along with reporting.


With the requirements for the first iteration in place, the client requested for a resource with flex/air development experience and a .net resource for developing the webservices and supporting applications, for the initial deliverables. Today, a few years and several iterations later we have a full-fledged flex/adobe team, focused on developing the main client application along with all supporting flex apps and AMS server side code. A .net team completely in charge of all the web services required, supporting client, sales and administrative portals and reporting tools. A quality analysis (QA) team managing all manual and automated testing along with the continuous integration of all applications and portals. Design team constantly working on the designs for new features and updating existing design to match latest standards in design. Networking engineers providing round the clock support and maintenance on all servers and networks and a project management team involving a project manager, technical operator and scrum master managing all the team updates, client discussions and tasks between the team members.

Based on client's requirements, we have also built a new offshore development center as a private space with desk space, IT infrastructure (hardware, software and networking), furniture, electrical and even color settings as per the client's requirements. We also deployed a USA based team that works from the client's office and works with the team in the Indian development center. The development center is available 24*7 and all team members have access to high quality video conferencing and direct US numbers for easy connectivity with the client.

Over the years the project has evolved phenomenally through different iterations and releases. The main video conferencing application itself has many features developed by the flex team. The client application currently can handle multi way audio and video conferencing, intelligent call routing, telephonic integration to bring a phone call in the conversation and also has features such as integrated chat, a whiteboard, scheduling language translation availability, male/female/favorite interpreter selection, multiple views for participants, privacy curtains, rating and feedback on call quality, remote volume and microphone adjustments, testing connections and equipment such as cameras, microphones etc through the app and managing settings. The flex team has also been working on the remote monitoring apps that support the main video conferencing application. The monitoring apps have features like the ability to monitor a call, join a conference, kick a participant out of a conference and even record conferences. Also monitoring apps for the client's technical support staff for monitoring features such as monitoring the latency of each ongoing call, the platform used by the participants, server connections, ports etc. Most importantly and one of the key USP of our video conferencing application is that it has a desktop, web and mobile version, so that they can be used as appropriate by the end clients. Also all supporting flex apps are also built to support different platforms.

The above video conferencing applications and all related monitoring apps are all supported by the webservices built by the .Net team. The web services are used for all communication between the database and Adobe Media Server and basically records all details such as call durations, user activity, connections, participants, transactions etc. The .Net team has also been working on complete end to end web portals for the "Clients" - to track usage statistics, billing information, logs on services used in real time etc, "Sales" portal - managing sales activity, graphs on usage of applications, mail and sms notifications on client's usage including the ability to configure custom notifications etc," Admin" portal- for the management of clients, call centers, reporting, customer billing, billing plans and support tickets etc.

The .net team has also worked on a complex interpreter and customer scheduling app for scheduling onsite physical interpreting. For this they have built high end features such as sms messages going to interpreters closest to the clinic, interpreters managing their time/availability calendar for interpreting, dashboard for viewing all appointments, accepting/rejecting appointments. Another interesting application developed by the .net team is the Heads Up Display, that is installed at each of the client's call center giving the exact status on the number of calls answered, duration of calls, popular interpreters and several other statistics supporting the overall business, for that call center.

Again all the above applications are designed by the in-house design team allocated to the project. The design team basically has an elaborate process whereby all designs go through several rounds of approval and the finalized designs are then implemented. The design team also assists the client with other press and marketing related design projects such as creating brochures, case studies, presentations etc, for the business.

The network team is involved in managing all the networking and servers for both the staging and production environment this includes the server clustering, auto failovers, managing call flows and routing.

The QA team basically works on constantly creating and executing manual and automated test cases using tools such as HP UFT and passing different features developed so that they can then be taken live. The QA team also manages the process of continuous integration for creating different builds after running the unit test cases, tests for code coverage, code quality etc.

The project management team takes the final call for releasing builds to production and basically also manages all project tasks allocated to different team members through project management tools adopted. The project managers also work on monitoring and analyzing the velocity of the project and individual resources. Allocating tasks to team members and also discussions and approvals from the client on the applications features required and built.


Our ability to provide end-to-end video interpreting solutions including complete reporting and monitoring tools that are easy to implement and easy to use, has proved to be very beneficial to the client. The quality of our video and audio solutions developed, are known to be superior to any other interpreting solution on the market. The client today has more than 1500 users using the video conferencing app and the supporting applications, across the US. Our video technology has helped greatly in improving the services that the client can offer to the end clients.

The CTO and founder of the client company have visited our development center several times for personal discussions with the team. The senior management team at the client side (including the CEO, CTO and Director of Technical Services) have seen the hard work and dedication that the team puts into providing round the clock, top notch service supporting the client's business at different levels. The CTO has recently commented "I can't express the work ethic and the "can do" attitude of our team. I am very proud and I consider each of you my extended family. To have loyal, dedicated and exceptional friends back me up in times like this is AWESOME! I hope that one day I can return the favor".

We look forward to a long and continued relationship with the client!

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