Based on the company’s commitment to innovation, our client, one of the oldest and largest health insurance company’s leadership recognized that mobile was increasingly becoming a trend that would have significant impact on its membership.


“Due to healthcare reforms, there is a much stronger consumerization of the healthcare market. To respond to this evolution, we needed to focus on a multi-channel sales approach appealing directly to individuals who are shopping for their insurance plans,” said the company’s interactive e-solutions manager. That focus on agility and speed to market led the company to the cloud-based Pegasus InfoCorp Mobility Platform, which enables a write once, run anywhere approach to building mobile apps. “We didn’t need to have two native teams, one for iOS and one for Android,” said the company’s business solutions developer. “We simply could have one team that already knew JavaScript and because of this they could be productive from the first day they were coding.” Forging a True Technology Partnership It wasn’t just Pegasus InfoCorp’s technology that fueled a quick action; it was also a clear commitment to the company’s success, as evidenced by the intimate consulting role Pegasus InfoCorp played during the planning process. “We sat together for a week,” recalled the company’s director of customer insights. “It was a pretty intense exercise, but they really helped us identify what we wanted to deliver to our members.”


The combination of the flexible Pegasus InfoCorp Mobility Platform and the close collaboration paid off immediately: our client had a blueprint for its first application in just two weeks and the Pegasus InfoCorp-powered development process yielded fruit in three to four months. The resulting application, which lets members access their ID cards, search for providers and view claim-related information, generated an overwhelmingly positive reaction from members and recast the formerly mobile-challenged company as a mobile innovator. They love the innovative features of being able to find a doctor at the touch of a button and having their ID cards in the palms of their hands. They don’t have to worry about forgetting it at the doctor’s office and not being able to get their service. Building on Early Mobile Success Emboldened by its initial success, our client was ready to tackle additional applications, starting with an enterprise app supporting the company’s Mutual Appreciation Program, which provides incentives to their employees for patronizing member owned businesses. Already popular with employees, the Mutual Appreciation Program has taken off since the app was introduced, with downloads and usage growing steadily, to the tune of $50 million poured back into the economy. “I really believe the mobile app is a significant part of the program’s success story,” said the company’s mutual appreciation program manager. The popularity of the app led to the program evolving, which led to needed updates to the web site, which in turn led to more innovation being injected into the app. All of that change has been made simple with the Pegasus InfoCorp Mobility Platform and has been further powered by the feedback loop a mobile app creates with users.

“One of the best parts of the program is that we get employee feedback, hear what’s working, what they like and what they want to see. And in response, we can easily make and implement those changes. The same is true of the member app, use of which has been growing significantly. The increased usage has led to more data and insight about the app’s strengths and weaknesses, creating an opportunity for constant improvement. Our clients have continued to look for additional enhancements to drive even more engagement and deliver more value to our members.


Riding the consumerization trend along those lines, our client is planning to tap the growing trend of consumerization in the healthcare market with its next application, a business-to business app for partners that will help its own sales efforts by enabling members to take a more active role in the selection of insurance plans. Such an app would potentially touch on three critical areas in which consumer healthcare engagement is on the rise. According to a recent survey, consumers are becoming more active in their own care by partnering with providers, are exhibiting more faith in online health information resources and are becoming more comfortable with relying on technology to manage their care. Make no mistake: If the Pegasus InfoCorp Mobility Platform can help it to capitalize on all of these trends, our client will be poised to give it a try. Our client proudly mentioned, “We are definitely excited and looking forward to working with Pegasus InfoCorp to make use of more of the tools they have available for us.

We look forward to work with our esteemed client in their upcoming ventures.

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