Our client, a financial firm based in Tennessee, faced the pressure of adapting to the digital requirements of today’s consumers. After viewing various vendors, our client selected Pegasus InfoCorp to help implement their enterprise mobility strategy to help retain its current member base and grow its membership.


Serving mobile-savvy members like so many other mid-sized financial institutions, our client had seen the advantage it once enjoyed for its superior service evaporate amid a wave of mobile technology advancements by the large banks. Also like its peers, our client realized that it needed to attract and retain the younger, more mobile-savvy generation that is a critical component of its ongoing health. “We have an increasingly young demographic,” said President and CEO of the company. “It’s those members who really want the mobile banking channel. Our members not only want banking at their fingertips, but better service — service they are not getting from the big institutions,” he said.


The client chose Pegasus InfoCorp based on our cloud-based mobile platform expertise. Pegasus InfoCorp was able to allocate a team of expert resources to meet all the skill requirements of the client. “Even better was that, the Pegasus InfoCorp team had very few limitations related to connecting to our vendor partners and our core banking systems,” said the Chief Operations Officer.

The Pegasus InfoCorp team worked on the onsite-offsite model for partnering with the client. The onsite team (working from the client offices) primarily comprised of a project coordinator and a system analyst to understand the client requirements. They worked with the client’s technical architect and the project managers at the client site for delivering on the project. The offsite team (working offshore from the Pegasus InfoCorp India office) had about 30 resources led by a Project Manager (PM) and a Technical Manager (TM). The primary technology skill sets of the resources were Titanium Appcelerator (to build hybrid apps for mobiles and tables across the iOS, Android and Windows mobile operating systems) and native app developers on the iOS and the Android platforms. Beyond this, a small team of technical leads on the .NET and Java platforms were involved for helping with the integration with third party systems. The PM and TM made frequent onsite trips to ensure that the offsite team was in sync with the client’s requirements.

This process and resource configuration has enabled our client to add a dose of innovation to its mobile footprint. Our client’s team and Pegasus InfoCorp has worked together to create communication links and data sharing capabilities so that the tool could be integrated into our client’s mobile application. Now members can manage all their accounts — whether they’re held at our client or elsewhere — from one mobile app. Our client also is able to bring in data from third parties which it relies on for loan and membership applications.


With its partnership with Pegasus InfoCorp in place, our client naturally has big plans to put even more power in its members’ hands. The client is now working on ways to auto-populate fields when members are completing processes via the app and it also wants to give them the ability to block or replace lost or missing cards, as well as tools to manage their debit cards more effectively. Our client clearly intends to leverage the Pegasus InfoCorp team to consistently roll out features that preserve, or even build upon, its long-standing reputation for stellar customer service.

We look forward to continue building on our long standing relationship with the client and continue delivering great features on their mobile and tablet apps!

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