Our client (partner) is one of the leading software solutions firms across Australia. For almost a decade, we've worked with our client to deliver on several software solutions across the web and mobile platforms. These range from complex web portals, to customizing, installing and supporting software products and IT infrastructure solutions for clients across Australia.

Our partner is also one of the leading SugarCRM gold partners in Australia. In this client story, we discuss the case of a large non-profit organization for which we built solutions on the SugarCRM development platform. The organization has tied up with accredited education and training providers across Australia, to provide free or discounted executive management, mentoring and training programs, in a range of management disciplines, to directors and staff of other not-for-profit (NFP) organizations. The training and management courses are offered in different practical disciplines such as finance and accounting, leadership and management, IT, marketing and fund raising, NFP board governance, mentoring, executive coaching, HR and related training etc. The range and type of course offerings provided by the client are continually expanding and includes full and part time study, in-house programs etc, provided by large corporations and professional services firms.

This organization got in touch with our client (partner) with the purpose of developing a learning and training management software system and moving their core management activities and business 'online'. They required us to develop a software portal to manage the scholarship applications and grading process, a public website that would provide all the information on the different courses, scholarships, services etc to the end users and a CRM Solution that would be used by the organization to manage the different scholarships and the member profiles etc.


For this project requirement, our partner selected a team of three full time senior PHP developers and a full time project manager on the project. The team is working on the agile development methodology for developing the project through the different iterations. The PHP developers have been working on the project for over the last two years and have integrated and setup three software solutions - Joomla, Moodle and SugarCRM - with SugarCRM customization as per the clients process requirements and integrating the three software solutions so that they can communicate seamlessly. The SugarCRM developers work on different tasks allocated to them by the project manager, across the PHP software solutions.

  • Joomla - used for the development of the public website, which contains information on all the scholarships and about the organization. The client uses the Joomla website to publish the availability of new rounds of scholarships to a large number of NFP organizations and for inviting applications. The website is used by the public, the applicants and for a few other admin processes.
  • Moodle - used for scholarship applications and grading by the applicants as well as the assessors and coordinators. The features include an automated application process and consist of detailed online tests and quizzes and a grading system based on which the applicants are qualified and selected for the scholarships.
  • SugarCRM - the CRM solution is used by the client to manage the scholarships and the member profiles. It is the master data for all the associated organizations, scholarships and grading and selection processes.

Both Joomla and Moodle, have a two way interaction with SugarCRM which is the final source for all data.

The setup has been built, implemented, refined and evolved over multiple iterations and software development phases in the last few years, with new features and functionality being added regularly to make the overall application process easier for all the users involved.


Since their launch, a couple of years ago, the client organization has expanded significantly, increasing their services and scholarships by almost five times than their original offerings. The client has been impressed by the ease by which the new software systems are able to handle their increased operations workload. The entire management of the member's database, scholarships, eligibility processes etc are all managed through our systems and hence reduced the burden on the client for managing all these processes manually, allowing them to focus on the other areas of their business. The client has thanked the team at Pegasus InfoCorp a number of times through several messages such as " I am really happy with the application form", "Nice work, well done"etc. We are constantly discussing new ideas with the organization for automating the processes as much as possible.

We look forward to long lasting relationship with our client (partner) to build and support complex IT solutions to businesses in Australia!

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