Our client, a business intelligence software and customer intelligence company,is focused on providing customers a never known before understanding of their markets, competitors and opportunities by collecting, organizing and analyzing business data to provide their clients with critical insights into their customers needs and intentions. The client firmly believes that the more you know about your customers, the better you will be able to serve them.

The client got in touch with Pegasus InfoCorp with the aim of discussing business intelligence software product development. The client wanted to start with business intelligence tools that would convert large complex data sources into actionable intelligence. The client was interested in developing several products such as contact builders and profilers, CRM solutions that would help his clients act on the hottest leads, predictive analysis tools to track market trends, cross and up sell recommendation tools based on data analysis etc. The client discussed the basic idea for all the different business intelligence tools and features required with the technical team at Pegasus InfoCorp and requested that we build a web based BI tool that would cover all the data analysis and management functionality required - with initial focus on the healthcare and finance domains.


The client selected a team of just a single full time Perlresource at the start of the project who was basically responsible for all backend data processing.As we moved through different iterations in the last couple of years, the client now has a team of two full time Perldevelopers, a full time PHP developer, a server/ network administrator and a business development manager allocated to the project, at Pegasus InfoCorp.

The team basically collaborates on a daily basis, through meetings and webinars, with the client's other offshore development team and together work on developing web solutions for the client, that help aggregate data that is usually too unstructured to be utilized, or too vast to be processed and convert it to useful information for their end clients.

The Perl programmers at Pegasus InfoCorp are working on several tasks that are focused on big data processing and data modeling. One of the Perl developers is working on constantly crawling web publications and sites in the financial and science sectors and has covered millions of data sources this far. Raw data collected is then converted into customer intelligence by the other Perl resource, who basically works on data modeling and full text processing, generating an in depth data of the customer's business history, total addressable market, sales patterns etc. The PHP developer is allocated to developing the business intelligence reporting tool sin PHP using the Zend framework and using all the data processed by the Perl developers, for the end client, basically covering features such as organizing and creating detailed profiles of potential customers,ability to view the customers purchase trends,market history, business graphs etc.

The business intelligence software developers have together worked on several such software tools over the last few years, such as contact list builders, account profilers, marketing analyzers etc that would basically show clients their top competitors, top cities, top contacts etc for thebusiness domains they are interested in.The software developers have also worked on complete bi directional integration with software applications such as Sales Force allowing several features such as the ability to import/export contacts and leads into sales force, categorizing data managed in sales force for easy business management.

The server / network engineer in the team basically works on managing all the client servers,this includes migration of huge databases, configurations required for integration with different third parties such as Amazon, maintaining database backups, setting up and configuring server monitoring applications and all other network and server related tasks.

The business development manager works closely with the client's onsite marketing team for managing marketing campaigns for the client and his end clients, through mailers, managing contacts lists, tracking results, testing campaign results through A/B testing etc.


The client has been extremely satisfied with the team and growth over the last few years that he has partnered with Pegasus InfoCorp. The hard work put in by the team and the tasks and business tools accomplished in the given timelines, have helped him tremendously, in selling his services, leading to an increase in business and profits. The client has personally thanked the team on a number of occasions for their contribution towards the success of his business and has always been impressed by the technical inputs and suggestions provided by the software team.

We look forward to continuing this fruitful relationship with the client!

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