Our client from the US is a manufacturer of sensor devices that serve a global client base. Our client has seen a rapid growth in their business operations and product lines. This could only be achieved through strategic mergers and acquisitions of companies that offered similar product lines. Our client has acquired a company who is a global leader in a range of custom designed electronic and electromechanical components. These components specialize in high volume manufacturing and serve customers in the automotive, heavy vehicle, agriculture, construction, off-highway and small engine markets.

They faced challenges and complexities while acquiring a device manufacture ring giant. There were challenges while integrating numerous non-standard business processes and IT applications into their global operating model and Oracle platform. It was very difficult to avoid business disruptions. Limiting acquisition costs was challenging since there was a disconnect with the local operational challenges and regulatory requirements. By partnering with Pegasus InfoCorp, our client was able to seamlessly complete this complex integration on schedule and within the stipulated budget. This enables in driving excellent value throughout this acquisition.


Our client needed to align their operations to execute the acquisition successfully. Our client's operations were supported by a large number of nonstandard applications and business processes. These processes needed standardization to a global model. It was essential to make the implementation seamless and fast. We needed expert training to integrate corporate compliance standards which could satisfy local requirements and align operations to a standard template.

Pegasus InfoCorp was chosen as the implementation partner because of its delivery capabilities, experience in deploying resources on very niche technology platforms (such as Oracle ADF) and for its ability to quickly respond to the client’s evolving requirements.


Inception phase and execution phase were the two phases in which we achieved a successful integration.

  • Inception phase: This involved a detailed due diligence process by the client’s in-house technology team, followed by the creation of a comprehensive roadmap for execution. Throughout the project, we ensured thorough documentation of the business requirements. Pegasus InfoCorp developed the system to execute routine Oracle system operations and maintain the performance of the system.
  • During the execution phase we analyzed and integrated the business processes, standard applications and bolt-on applications into the global operating model. The project involved a team of about 60 resources allocated on a long term basis, with an additional team of 20 - 30 resources that were required for a 6 - 12 month period. To spearhead this program, Pegasus InfoCorp provided a team of expert architects. These architects proactively responded to the company's business challenges.

Pegasus InfoCorp provided comprehensive application integration program management for numerous operational systems, such as enterprise resource planning. Legacy applications were analyzed and either continued (with new integrations), modified (combination of process change and integrations), or sunset (replaced by source applications). Pegasus InfoCorp also implemented the financial and reporting structure and processes to ensure compliance.

Pegasus InfoCorp personnel trained the business users to comprehend and adjust to our client's business processes and the Oracle platform. We worked with the translators to ensure that there was a clear communication during the trainings.


As a result of the engagement with Pegasus InfoCorp, our client could successfully complete their mergers and acquisitions while integrating operations into their global operating model. Pegasus InfoCorp delivered on all of the client's key performance indicators within the stipulated time and material. Financial and reporting structure's implementation was a huge success. This success enabled our client to execute a smooth period end and achieve precise financial reporting for the newly acquired company.

There were further benefits to the company as well. Pegasus InfoCorp provided extensive service to align other facilities to the global model. All localization issues such as regulatory export documentation solution were resolved. With the help of Pegasus InfoCorp, the company executed a successful organizational change management program. We provided comprehensive training to the users of this application on the procedures for critical operations such as order fulfillment, manufacturing and warehousing.

Pegasus InfoCorp managers were in constant communication with the client's business directors to implement feedback to optimize the engagement. Our clients were extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism at which the services were provided.

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