Attaining business goals through design

We helped one of the leading media companies in France, redesign its prospective B2B website. The most crucial customer segments were identified through our strategic and agile approach that enabled the concept to meet the needs of its diverse audience.It is tested and proven that the design is an effective tool for cultural transformation and strategy implementation and we were able to prove this again through this integral process.


Almost all Pegasus Onsite teams engage with the client weekly, including some of the most beloved brands in the country. The B2B sales organization is incharge of the larger client accounts as well as media and advertising agencies. Essentially, our client offers its customers engaging multi-channel media solutions and advertising space in their highly respected media including newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, events and other special formats.

Our client has two separate websites based on their units. Each website is designed considering their own customer segments, promoting and communicating the core brand message causing challenges in the lead generation. Therefore, it was decided to incorporate the website into one comprehensive service platform under one B2B brand for all the customers.The challenge was how to serve the clientele of different sizes and with different interests on the same website and to recognize the most important target groups and their needs.

Pegasus InfoCorp was picked as their affiliate to find out the challenges as it is known for its strategic approach and customer-centric design methods.

We started by interviewing the management and the sales team of both the units of our client. In accordance with the interview, we formed an insight of the present situation, principal objectives and primary customer groups. Subsequently the findings were confirmed in the workshops. We cross-examined client’s both the units and checked with them how comfortable it was for them to retrieve the information and what exactly they were looking for. Furthermore, we provided closer attention to the customer journeys and experiences of each division.

We began with preparing the website structure and service concepts, depending on the selective customer groups and their identified needs. Later the approved drafts were then processed into site components and views. The organized construction of the site component library was started simultaneously. We engaged closely with the client’s software development team to ensure best practices for the UX/UI implementation.

Lastly, we designed a pattern based on the most favorable site drafts and graphics. We recorded all the information and validation plans for further development. The documentation covers the process and site designs, while it also includes conclusive tasks for proofing the concept and furthermore developing the website.

We had couple of queries in our mind before we associated with Pegasus InfoCorp: 1) Is it possible to serve so many diverse customer groups within one website and 2) If yes, How can we achieve this so that all customers will easily find what they want, irrespective of their size and needs.

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From a strategic point of view, the client identifies and focuses on the most prominent customer section and expands the number of autonomous sales and self-services. On a cultural level, the practice serves the two units to work gradually towards their common goal. What initially appeared as merely a design task is actually an extensive exploration into the organization’s strategy and culture.

Above all, the co-creative and agile process amplifies the value of the website for our clients. It satisfies the true expectations and demands, that is more engaged customers through successful media campaigns, which fits as per their size and needs.

The different audience will effortlessly and quickly find content relevant to them . The key is to be able to direct the customer to a source of that information and get them to respond, regardless of them visiting the site from a display ad or landing on the homepage. Certainly, a client journey is presumably a reverse interpretation of a sales funnel with the same objective of getting more leads and as a result sell more. Rather being just a data-driven website, our clients B2B will engage visitors through its customer focused design and by seeking the right question.


A well-designed website for achieving business goals: Providing good user experience to the diverse audience

Great outset for a continued site development: Precise broadcast on the site and exercised for testing the concept.

An instrument for strategy enforcement : Discover and serve the most important clients and promote organizational association towards the common goal.

Collaborating with the people of Pegasus InfoCorp was perhaps the best part for us. They helped us identify solutions for all the challenges and defied us to treat the most important subjects diversely. Besides solving the problem and coming up with a solution we were able to learn from each other and have fun.

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