Business Intelligence data platform for a leading logistics company

We helped our client, the largest full-service port logistics company in Germany, optimise its operations by setting up a modern BI data platform and reporting system that meets both business and user needs.


Our client required accessible and real time information integrating assets, logistics and financials to manage and grow its Cargo handling and transport service efficiently and effortlessly.

Its legacy BI system had become obsolete in terms of technology and usability. Collecting the required information was difficult as only a few people had access to the data. The existing system was progressing to the end of its shelf life as the reports had to be created manually. As the data wasn’t able to be used consistently, its potential was lost.

Three objectives were set to streamline the operations.

  • To create a scalable, safe and well-documented cloud data platform that provides cohesive data to all users.
  • To allow the users to create the business reports themselves.
  • To offer users with the first reports to let them explore new prospects.

To ensure the right initial point for the system overhaul – meeting business and user needs – we initially ran a data sprint with business owners and IT specialists. The objective was to first form an understanding of the existing condition of the organisation's data and analytics landscape and then outline the target state as well as the practical measures required to get there. The data sprint was pivotal in ensuring we focus on technical solutions that drive the business agenda forward.

As an outcome of the sprint, we effectively defined the goals, measured the Return-on-Investment (ROI) and developed the protocol as well as the technical plan for the implementation. We designed a serverless Azure cloud-based data platform and the data warehouse solution incorporating the data models. A noteworthy technical feature in the implementation was to ensure that all the IT systems of the client would work seamlessly with the new platform, regardless of their location. Demo sessions amidst the development team were held fortnightly, ensuring the proper direction and knowledge sharing ahead of time in the project, so a Thinnest Viable Platform (TVP) that includes all the critical functions initially needed was created efficiently. To make the cloud transformation and further development as smooth as possible for the developers, we used technologies that were familiar to them, such as dimensional Kimball data modelling and SQL-based transformations as well as a low-code approach utilising ELT solution with Azure Data Factory. We developed the data monitoring features that were integrated into the Microsoft Teams.

We also developed report layouts in a client driven approach, ensuring the information is presented in a comprehensible and functional format to support the users in decision-making.

The business and client driven development process ensures the new data platform helps the client manage its operations more competently. The business leaders now get explicit reports and valuable insight that help them make decisions – and they can also customise new reports themselves. Since producing the reports is automated, the client’s financial staff can concentrate on their core work. This implies savings in time and money, improved results and a more purposeful work experience.

By using a cloud environment, our client pays only for the data resources it needs, generating substantial savings in system infrastructure, maintenance and licensing costs. The scalable platform assists modern agile development methods that help ensure future needs are met economically, progressively and without major capital investments. System maintenance is predominantly handled by the cloud provider and the creation of the BI reports is not anymore at the disposal of few people. The Azure cloud platform offers better and more cost-effective security features. By using technologies familiar to the client, we ensured they can develop the platform independently in the future.


An extensive delivery with a business and user driven approach: economical and secure data platform that aids in right decisions.

Steady savings in time and money: no manual work, least system-related costs.

Working with Pegasus InfoCorp was easy and the challenges during the project were addressed quickly. We now have a concrete start and a worthy foundation to further build our reporting on the PowerBI platform. Our journey with PowerBI has just begun.

Client Testimonial