In recent years, there has been a significant advancement in patient care. Health has become more popular, and new treatments are being developed. However, we still have a whole new set of difficulties to overcome.


Comprehend the healthcare and well-being obstacles faced by customers and offer effective solutions that cater to their requirements.

Today's hectic lifestyle puts wellbeing at risk from excessive sitting, being overweight, and an uptick in mental health issues. It is critical to receive timely and appropriate treatment from qualified professionals. Health care's emphasis on prevention is progressing significantly.

But how can we influence genuine development in our hectic daily lives? Despite growing awareness of the importance of good health, lifestyle changes and specific health goals are frequently difficult to achieve. Customers may meet with a health care professional at their appointment, but they may be left unsupported in their daily lives, where the actual change occurs.

Caring for one's health can be a challenging and confusing task, as medical instructions can be difficult to comprehend from lengthy records. Sometimes, a gentle push may be necessary to stay on track with a treatment plan or lifestyle modifications. It should be effortless to seek assistance and obtain necessary information and services at any time and from any location.

Achieving access to healthcare can be a challenging task. To begin with, the reluctance to visit a doctor's clinic can be significant. Additionally, small towns and rural areas may suffer from a shortage of medical practitioners, leading to scenarios where specific healthcare professionals may be inaccessible due to the distance. Finally, healthcare has traditionally been offered via scheduled appointments with healthcare providers and has been driven by the physician, rather than the patient.


We initiated a research project aimed at comprehending our customers' requirements and actions more profoundly. To ensure that we acquired a comprehensive understanding of the entire experience from several perspectives, we involved various healthcare experts, customer service representatives, and other pertinent stakeholders in the study.

We knew from the research that consistency, frequent change, and prompt assistance from a healthcare professional are key aspects of effective care. Our clientele values accessibility to treatment, ongoing support from healthcare professionals, and a compassionate approach to their well-being.

We have recognized the existence of persistent requirements that necessitate their consideration in all project-related decision-making:

  • The requirement for a healthcare professional is not confined to a particular location or time.
  • It is crucial that the appropriate healthcare provider is available to assist the customer whenever the need arises to achieve long-term health goals.
  • Building a relationship of trust between the patient and the healthcare provider is advantageous for both parties and leads to improved outcomes.
  • The onus of remembering all the specifics of the consultation and planning should not fall on the customer.
  • The client should feel understood, heard, and cared for at all times and have a comprehensive understanding of their situation.

We utilized the gathered insights to create a mobile application for our client that is intelligent and data-driven, helping customers manage their health in the long run. The application is designed to operate throughout all phases of the customer's health journey and keep them updated on the events before, during, and after each appointment.

Our solution is founded on three fundamental principles that collectively address the most pressing problems in healthcare today:

  • Rather than simply displaying past patient text records, we have developed informative and pertinent automated content and data visualizations based on customer data. This empowers customers to manage their individual health proactively and at the right time.
  • We can ensure quick access to care, improve consistency, and enhance the customer's quality of life by streamlining the process of seeking assistance and aligning the efforts of various healthcare professionals.
  • Our focus is on preventative healthcare, achieved by providing a personalized digital health plan for everyday use.

React Native was used to build the iOS and Android applications. A native SDK for both platforms was integrated into the app primarily for the video appointments.

We offer you

Customer data

Within the healthcare industry data plays a huge role in understanding the customer. Whenever a customer books an appointment, engages with healthcare professionals, or utilizes any of our client’s digital services, new data is generated and stored across various systems. This data has historically served as a record of the past, informing the customer of what occurred when. . However, we aimed to use this data innovatively and shift our focus to the future instead of just the past.

In the course of the project, we developed several algorithms that provide customers with timely recommendations regarding what actions they should take in the near future based on their historical data and various healthcare models. For instance, these algorithms can determine when a customer should take the next vaccine in a vaccine series, when to renew a medication prescription, and whether the customer possesses an unused referral to physiotherapy that is set to expire soon. In this manner, we can empower customers to take ownership of their health and increase the likelihood that they will follow the treatment plans that can enhance their overall wellbeing.

The data that the customer sees should always be comprehensible to the customer so they can make decisions based on it, in addition to the important and relevant suggestions. For this reason, we pay close attention to the application's texts and data visualizations.

Easy access to care

Our goal is to provide convenient and prompt access to healthcare for customers, regardless of their location or that of the healthcare professional. To achieve this, we have developed a digital service that enables customers to connect with healthcare professionals via chat or video at any time and from any place. With an average wait time of only seven seconds, our service boasts the fastest response time available.

By offering chat and video appointments, we aim to reduce barriers to accessing healthcare and encourage customers to seek help promptly. For healthcare professionals, virtual appointments via video and chat provide greater flexibility and allow for distribution of appointments among professionals located anywhere.

Preventive health care

The objective of preventive healthcare is to enhance the customer's quality of life. Customers can achieve their health goals in their day-to-day lives with the help of a digital health care plan. The health plan involves the customer and a healthcare professional selecting the specific health issues to address and setting achievable health goals. Based on the selected goals, the plan recommends evidence-based interventions that can facilitate the customer's progress toward the goals.

Our health plan not only tracks and displays progress, but also sends reminders to help customers stay on track. In addition, healthcare professionals closely monitor the customer's health goals, reviewing their tasks and measurements. They offer support to help customers achieve their goals by sending messages or providing feedback on their progress. Our research indicates that the most highly valued feature of the health plan is the ability to easily interact with healthcare professionals.

Throughout the project, we conducted bi-weekly customer interviews and testing to ensure that the application met their needs. To make sure that the products we develop are actually meeting the needs of our customers, it is crucial for us to actively listen to them throughout every stage of design and development. Following the initial release of the application, we integrated application analytics and written customer feedback into our regular planning sessions to determine our course of action.


Customers experience an average waiting time of just 5 seconds to chat with a doctor.

Half of our customers have accessed their laboratory results through the visual interface.

We offer over 28,000 personalized physiotherapy video programs, which have garnered positive feedback from 96% of our customers who have used them for remote appointments.

Our actionable notifications are in use, with customers viewing approximately 3,000 notifications per week for care referrals.

82% of our customers report that their health goals are progressing as planned or even better.