Our client, the rail corporation, is a CrossCountry state railroad company that operates constantly to upgrade its commuter rail services. We helped our client improve assistance and increase customer satisfaction by acquiring a centralized data platform for conveniently sharing information with all stakeholders.


A railroad network is an intricate physical and digital system, involving massive volumes of ever evolving data linked to schedules, infrastructure, maintenance, staff availability and customer feedback. Trustworthy and public conditional awareness is just as important for passengers and stakeholders as it is for Rail corporations business units. When we started, data collection, transformation and sharing were disintegrated, toilsome and subject to human errors accompanied with manual work. We co-developed a centralized data platform and system interface to fix these issues and help keep people on track.


Our work involved participation in two areas: system integrations and architecture and data warehousing and modeling. The system integrations and architecture outlines how the platform functions and how it can continue to develop. The architectural foundation was built using technologies like AWS and Snowflake.The intention of the data warehousing and modeling development was to build a centralized data storage amplifying over multiple source systems, out of which the data is collected and modeled for diversified user needs with the frequencies changing from hours to weeks.

To manage the large data masses, consumed from numerous different data sources, Data Vault 2.0 was chosen as a modeling technique. The entire development process was run using agile Scrum methods. The solutions were verified with the end users and repeated until all parties were convinced.


Data Warehouses offers historical, summarized data directly for decision support system application.

Transforming the data flow into enhanced customer experience, collaboration and business.

Allowing Data Analytics to rule the real value of data and inspire new ideas.

Accurate and substantially real-time information allows sensible and predictable operations.

Our association with Pegasus InfoCorp during the project was outstanding, smooth and efficient. We got the results we wanted as we had brilliant professionals as part of our centralized data team as well as in project management. We highly recommend Pegasus InfoCorp as a partner for building next-level solutions.

Client Testimonial